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Hackelia Micrantha:
a species of flower found in the West Coast of North America.

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Current Projects
Fortunes Service

A micro-service and Slack App for UNIX fortunes. Fortunes are witty antidotes that relive project tensions. They come in many categories such as technical, poems, quotes, and proverbs.


In Design

Scouter is a turn based mobile game of "I Spy". The app uses machine learning to identify real world things and match them.


The Garden

The garden is a hybrid relational/json database cloud with efficient mobile synchronization.


Fortunes Mobile

A mobile app for the fortunes service. Fortunes are told with a variety of extra cute characters like cows and androids. Extra fortune content and categories, and ability for users to submit their own.



A scalable chat app that has predefined textual representations of emotions. Emotext's are displayed for first, second and third persons.