Micrantha aims to be a conscious1 business.

We do not seek to claim or impose an identity. We aim to fulfill a shared purpose2.

We work from a state of acceptance, enthusiasm or enjoyment to achieve things greater than ourselves.

Our software forms naturally and inherently. Our successes are secondary and our failures deepen us.

An analogy to the software development we do is gardening. We grow our creations.

Micrantha Real World
FlowerA finalized app or technical solution
DirtThe work that produces a solution
SeedThe design of a solution
WaterThe flow of funds around a solution
SunlightThe visibility of a solution in the market
GardenA portfolio or a database
GardenerAn employee or API client
GroundskeeperA system administrator

[1] - enlightened beyond form, vigilintly aware, without ego, present

[2] - work and state of mind